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Whats-app set rule for forwarding messages

Whats-app has announced that its users will no longer be able to forward one message  more than five times, and this is being done by preventing the spread of fake news. The company applied this policy six months ago in India.

Due to fake news spread by Whats app last year, many cases of death happens in India, after which the Whats app implemented this policy in India, Yet far apart from India, a message could be forwarded by users 20 time in the globe. However, steps are being taken to bring the extent of forwarding forward to the purpose of closing the fake news market. This year, India has the general election and world are focus on them.

In April, general elections are going to be held in Indonesia. And before the elections, at the meeting in Jakarta, Whats app announced to implement the new policy, in which includes the forward messages limit.

In whats app group 256 user can be added, This means that if a user forwards a message to such five groups, they will be able to send a message to more than 1280 users. However before this, more than 5120 users could go to message forward. This announcement has been made at a time when Facebook and Whats app are held responsible for helping spread of fake news to many services.

Last week, the Facebook announced that it eliminated the 500 pages of Central Europe, Ukraine and Eastern European countries, which were allegedly spreading fake news. The use of ‘end to-end encryption’ on the Whats app means messages can only be read by sender and receiver. That’s why the company’s ability to monitor counterfeit news is limited.

Last year, according to Indian media, the government had demanded the company to replace the laws of encryption to keep an eye on illegal material or fake news.

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