What is the TikTok Photo Editing Trend?

Not many people, by now, have not yet heard about the TikTok app. It has been the favourite social media for young adults, for a few years. If you wonder about the photo editing trend that everyone talks about, we will tell you more about it, in this article, and how the social network can enable posts to go viral, thanks in part to this particular trend and others as well.

TikTok: A Social Media highly influenced by Trends

On TikTok, when someone has success with a video, other users tend to copy it. Sometimes, it creates an international phenomenon, while at others it remains regional. In the second case, it usually has to do with the use of a strong cultural element, like a song or a movie scene, in the language of the country. In all cases, it implies the use of a comment element, which is repeated in different forms. Here are short videos related to Photos Editing Trend on TikTok to understand better the way it works and what it is about.

Trends are one of the keys that can help someone create a viral video on TikTok. All one needs to do is join the trend and create something slightly different, so that it can benefit of the continuous buzz surrounding it. Trends can also be created through the use of a filter or a special effect, in a certain context. In fact, that is how the main photo editing trend works. It consists in adapting a photo, according to specific settings, which are: Exposure at 100, brilliance at 100, highlights at -35, shadows at -28, contrast at -30, brightness at -15, black point at 10, saturation at 10, vibrancy at 8, warmth at 10, tint at 39, sharpness at 14 and vignette at 23. The result of such settings is a photo that is highly saturated and contrasted. It renders the image more “dramatic,” in a certain way. 

How to get a Post to go Viral

First, you need to understand that TikTok is meant to be fun. People or companies that take themselves too seriously, will never be popular on this social media. You have to create humoristic videos, that don’t last too long. If you keep an eye on the different trends, you will be able to use them for your own videos. Whether it is the dance movement of the moment or a special filter, you can reach more people by entering into the wave of a trend. However, you should be adding something to the movement, or else, people will simply skip the video.

You also need to look for engagement on the part of viewers. You can ask questions, complement your posts with a game; anything that will get viewers to leave a comment or to interact with your account, in some ways. The more popular you get, the higher the chances that TikTok will have more users to view your photos and videos. Don’t forget to add hashtags, which is a direct way for people in search of given subjects, to have access to the content you created. 


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