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What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

One of my sites recently implemented a new policy in blogging. They would only allow contents with Artificial Intelligence or AI themed contents. Many members showed disapproval of this motion. Many members started to leave the site.

Personally, it is okay for me to write different types of blog content. As long as I have time to conduct research, I can write about any topic.

So to comply with this current rule, I wrote an introduction about Artificial Intelligence which I hope could help open the minds of other members. AI is a broad topic and we can write more contents with this topic.

What can you say about artificial intelligence?


What do you think?

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    • Hi vidocka! Thank you for dropping by. It is an application with the ability to solve problems just like humans. One example is Alexa of Amazon which can take simple orders like turning on/off the light and can answer some questions.

    • Yes, I noticed that but could not edit it anymore. Thank you for visiting. Well, the site implemented the new policy lately. Maybe they are testing how it would go. For most of the members, this is not a good idea.

  1. I think AI will usher in the reality of smart applications. Where the application is situation, device, connectivity and timing-aware. Making for a much better user experience overall!

    You said you were going to share this – Kudos on doing so!

    • Thank you for visiting and sharing your thought on this Doc. I wrote this for a site and shared it on Twitter. I am trying what my friend, cmoneyspinner is telling me about embedding Twitter and other social media posts here in Virily. I am glad the post was approved.

      I am focusing my research on AI nowadays because I want to help the site. I am aware that many sites are failing nowadays and it’s sad to see them go. I will be sharing more about this topic here. The site I am talking about is also implementing c-blogging which is kinda complicated. I will also share about c-blogging in the future.

      • Cmoneyspinner offers great advice!

        It is interesting watching sites rise and fall. I find myself watching negative comments and thinking, one more nail in the coffin.

        But, Virily has been alive for a long time now. I am impressed by that!

        Looking forward to more AL posts. Will you also tackle Machine Learning, or just AI?


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