What Are The Social Dangers Of Brain Controlling Technologies

Brain/Mind control is a system that affects the very foundation of an individual’s identity. In other words, the values of an individual like beliefs, decision making, and behavior are significantly transformed. Concomitantly, a new pseudo-personality is formed.

The modern world is full of technology. These days, almost every person possesses a computer, smartphone, LCD and laptop. These devices were invented for the benefit of humankind.

However, with time it has been revealed that these devices have various adverse effects on our lives. It has been ascertained through numerous studies that our social, physical and mental health is adversely affected by these mind-controlling technologies. Let us contemplate some of the detrimental impacts of these mind-controlling devices on our lives.

Social Skills

The frequent use of technology to find solutions makes our social skills drastically poor. Official meetings are carried out over Skype and children are likely to chat via Facebook instead of meeting up with people in person. Apparently, technology creates a global network as it brings people together. However, this results in the sacrifice of real-life experiences. It is a harbinger of social isolation. Consequently, it causes people to feel lonely and depressed.

Owing to the frequent use of technology people have started to live in a world of their own. They keep staring at their smartphones even when they are in the company of other people. When we sacrifice our real-life experiences for the sake of online experiences then we get deprived of social elements like voice tone, body language, facial expressions, etc.

Having said this, violent games and videos also adversely affect the psyche of children. They destroy an individual’s empathy. Even Donald Trump has recently said that violent video games are one of the causes of the recent grotesque incidents of mass shooting [1].


It is a gospel truth that the internet is an extraordinary tool for learning and imparting knowledge. You can easily find any information with the help of search engines like Google. You can find any information without the need of leaving your home. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the quality of education is enhanced.

The overuse of technology by the students in the classroom negatively affects their learning process. There is a significant increase in cheating and plagiarism. There is a constant decline in critical thinking. Concomitantly, the thinking potential of the young generation is jeopardized. This leads to intellect atrophy.

According to numerous studies, the poor academic performance of students is directly proportional to the amount of time they spend on social media[2]. In lieu of spending time on their educational careers, children these days are deeply involved in entertainment.

The same is the case with the Internet, the more it is used for gaming, chatting, and videos the worse is the academic performance of the students. The reason for this destruction is the distraction that is caused by these technological devices. People are having tremendous difficulty in fighting against impulsive behavior.

Physical Impacts

Obesity is one of the most detrimental effects of mind-controlling technology. Being deeply indulged in laptop or smartphone people are likely to eat a lot of junk food. They are likely to remain up till late at night.

People’s lifestyle has become sedentary. They don’t like to go to the gym at all. The more time an individual spends on a personal computer, the lesser is the circulation of blood in the body.

Furthermore, people these days have a curved backbone and a poor posture due to the overuse of this mind-controlling technology. People are having headaches and weak eyesight. Hearing is also being badly affected by devices like the iPod. Hearing loss is caused by loud music in earphones. Tendonitis is also caused by playing too many video games.

Security And Privacy

You may face numerous risks because of the misuse of technology. Kids are the most vulnerable in this context. Many cases of cyber-bullying are being reported. The perpetrators use social media, messages, and forums to target people. Online sex crimes are happening. Teens are likely to get exposed to sexting. There is a significant percentage of teens who confessed to sending obscene messages[3].

Nude material is being circulated all over the internet. Cybercrime is rising because of the large population using the internet.

In the present epoch of technology, it has become much easier to get personal information about any person. Therefore, the privacy of an individual is reduced to a significant extent. By mere clicking a Facebook page, you can now access information like contact number, pictures and etc. The information obtained by people can easily be manipulated.

Mental State

One of the main detrimental effects that are caused by mind-controlling technology is that the quality of our sleep has been deteriorated. Melatonin which is a sleep chemical is affected by constantly glowing screens of laptops or smartphones. Therefore, the excessive use of technology disturbs your sleep. It affects our mental health.

The fatal flaw of our society is that people have become addicted to technology. This addiction is responsible for obliterating our family and social bonds. There is a new kind of stress discovered. This stress is known as “The Chronic Smartphone Stress”. This stress is caused by the over expectation of a message, notification, or e-mail. If a person fails to get any attention, this can make the person feel anxious and agitated.

The vast information space, the online reality that is very exaggerated, excessive use of the internet, and no social experience are all the significant factors that are responsible for destroying the entire personality of an individual.


No doubt that technology has proved to be a boon for us. It has made our lives very easy and has reduced the human effort to a significant level. The advancement in the medical and engineering sector has entirely transformed the world in a positive manner. Nevertheless, there is another side of the picture too. This technology is mind-controlling. This mind-controlling technology has also proved to be a bane for us. This mind-controlling technology has disconnected us from real-life experiences. Concomitantly, our personality is destroyed utterly.


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Written by Stetson Nolan

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