What are the basic electronic options every boater needs today?

Whether you are a new boater or you have been out in the waters for long, the vast ocean of marine electronic options can be mind-boggling. And this is true for even the basic ones. These electronic devices are those which are designed exclusively for use in the marine atmosphere, on board boats, ships, and yachts. So, without having to explain why, these devices are mostly water-resistant.

But, not always everyone is technology savvy or have the knowledge of the devices are absolutely essential to be on a boat. That’s why we are here to let you know what are the basic marine electronic necessities and what shall make you electronic over skilled. Are you sure your current electronic devices are top of the curve? Well, you will soon get your answer. And in case, you need to purchase some marine electronics in Perth, All Marine Services will take care of all your needs. They, along with their 24/7 support services, marine products, and a well-experienced and qualified team of professionals will serve you nothing but the best.

Know your basic marine electronics

So, here we will be listing out all the essential marine electronics that every boater needs in his life and on the boat. This will also be know-how about these products, so that each person understands what’s what. And in case, you want to invest in products for boat detailing in Perth, you know where to go to.

  1. Chart-plotter: This allows you to display digitized charts and you can even navigate right or left on an LCD screen. You will see a real display of your exact location, and these devices even offer multiple functions. These may range from creating routes, to providing navigational info such as speed, time to destination, course over ground etc. They basically make every boater’s navigational task quite easier.
  2. Fish Finder: These are specialized units that offer you a real-time vision of the fish which are under your boat. Also, these days there are upgraded versions which can even find fishes on the sides or in front of the boat or may be accompanied by 3-D modelling systems. Most of these devices come with chart-plotter or other network systems.
  3. Radar: Marine radars give you the ability to see beyond what your naked eyes can see. It works on the system of broadcasted pulses being reflected back by boats, land, or even storms. All of this is displayed on a radar screen or an MFD screen. These can look up to a distance of 20 miles while some advanced versions can even go up to 70 miles.
  4. AIS: AIS is the abbreviated form of Automated Identification System. This includes a transistor and a receiver which basically identifies and gathers information on the other boats and commercial ships. This device broadcasts info which includes size of the ship, its name, destination, and speed.
  5. VHF Radio: This electronic device is ought to be on the top of the list, for every average recreational boater. This radio will let you talk to other boats as well as with the coast guard, who may be 20 or more miles away. Your radio transmission will automatically inform the authorities about your exact location, in times of emergency. This is due to the DSC (Digital Selective Calling) feature of all the new VHF’s.

So, these five are the most important electronic devices which should be present on every marine craft, no matter how experienced the boater is. It makes the sailing function a lot easier and convenient. And it’s quite obvious and needless to say, wherever you may be boating, the more comprehensive your electronic stock is, the more the layers of safety for you. So, take your pick and make that call a good one.


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Written by CaitlynBell