What about flash drives?

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Friends! The other day my flash drive burned out and I had to look for a new one, since without it in our time, well, absolutely nothing. Since this is too fast-growing industry, then the choice of flash drives for me was difficult. I had to still read some information on the Internet about the latest trends. Today I will share this information with you.

So, first of all, we must decide on the parameters that will affect the choice of a particular model of flash drive.

These include:

  • The amount of memory available for use.
  • Read/write speed
  • Body size.
  • Additional features (e.g. fingerprints).

Now go through each of the items in more detail.


The main factor while choosing a flash drive will be the amount of its memory. Everyone needs to store some information. Actually, for this they are originally intended. 32GB or more it’s acceptable volume. This is due to the fact that the prices for them are fairly affordable since progress does not stand still and what cost a lot of money a year ago is no longer needed today and is being sold for a pittance. In order not to be unfounded.

                                                               Read and write speed

It’s one of the key parameters when choosing a drive. Many people don’t think about it and buy cheap devices of larger volume. Such a decision may be completely wrong! Buying a cheap flash drive with a large amount of memory, you can lose in the speed of reading and writing information. Again, give an example.

                                                          Two types of a flash drive

  • The first flash drive write speed is 5 MB/s. It means that, for example, filling in all 32GB will take about 2 hours. It is unlikely that someone will immediately drive the drive “to the eyeballs”, but the essence is clear. This is a minimum speed, and I would not buy such a drive for everyday use.
  • The second copy is better. The recording speed there is already 16 MB/s, which is much more, although there are more successful options. So, filling at this speed will take about 40 minutes. All calculations are easily verified.

                                                             Body size and strength

  • Combine the parameters of the body in one paragraph and illuminate all at once. To begin with, I will say a truism that works always and everywhere: the fewer moving parts and complex elements, the better! You should always do everything as easy as possible and it will be the right decision. If the flash drive comes out of the case or something else, then it will most likely break in a month or two, or even earlier!
  • Next, I will say about the size of the case. If it is irregularly shaped or just “thick”, then you will not be able to place it next to another card, because the entrances are always located very close to each other and if you need to transfer data, for example, to a friend in an office or university with your flash drive on his then inconvenience. You will find that both devices at the same time simply do not fit into the slots.

                                                                          Other stuff

Finally, I want to note that all sorts of fingerprint systems and other “gadgets” are unlikely to be needed. See an example. The downside will also be the mandatory installation of third-party software, which in itself, for example, in offices is impossible.

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