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Virtual Reality Wedding: Would You Like to Try It?

Some couples wanted to make their wedding day as special as possible. With such preparation, there are so many things to consider. Culture practices before, during and after the wedding ceremony. It can also be adventurous-type of a wedding and wanted to “wow” the people close to their lives.

In Guatemala City, a couple Daniel and Ilana had their wedding and experienced modernization through a capsule to remember the happy moments. It happened when flashing back the wedding in virtual reality. A company availed the service of Aventura in Florida to document the 360-degree footage and aiming to bring back the old days of couple’s wedding.

Daniel recounted the past memories, the relationship to Ilana is influenced with technology touch. He had the first glimpse of the love of his life on a friend’s wedding day. The usual gesture of asking Ilana’s phone number and the rest became the history.

The 360 cameras are the best option to document the happy moments in virtual reality. For the couple, it took 2 to 3 months in completing the documentation due to the availability of the people who had a big role in making the couple united as one on the wedding day.

Along the process of this virtual reality, the cost-cutting is essential to materialize the main aim of the couple. For instance, floral arrangements were being shared to them with people who are getting married at that particular time of shooting the documentation. There are some venues that the couple needs to be extravagant and it costs an arm and a leg just to accomplish the said virtual reality of their wedding. It is worth a try to be on what makes them grateful for being together. It will be shared for the next generation to come. It is a priceless project for the couple to treasure for the rest of their lives.

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