Using Website Builder to Make Gaming Site

Have you been dreaming about making gaming websites? Are you a frenzied fan of online games? If your answer is ‘YES’, congratulations, you are on the right page!

Making your own website is a complicated task. One may think it is obligatory to learn HTML codes, use CMS, find a host, buy domains, teach yourself site optimization and so on… Quite a challenge for beginners.

Don’t panic, there is another way – use a website builder.

Now, let us take a deeper look at creating the site of your dreams and why choosing specific niches is important. By the way, you can get your own website in 2 days here

This general term ‘gaming website’ comprises numerous niche subgroup types such as sites for fan hub communities, specific genre, console types, age groups, downloadable / online games, forum visitors, game reviewers.

According to specific niche requirements we can

  • connect an online store (original shirts with captions, player game costumes, statuettes, game weapons, comic books);
  • create an app for IOS/Android, share content using video channels, synchronizing with various gaming servers, social network accounts, plus many other things that will make users’ experience useful and appealing;
  • manage donations for the website improvement, organizing real time user meetings, costumes creation, teams equipment and anything alike;
  • calculate user achievements (birthdays, the biggest number of likes and comments, purchases etc.) which will generate some bonuses, upgrades, virtual gifts, congratulation emails;
  • add music or set up contests for online players. These are also good tools to draw player’s attention. Overall, all add ons will depend on your style, goals, niche, imagination.

So, narrowing down to one niche is vital for the start. If it is too diverse, you won’t be able to stick out from the crowd and, more importantly, be competitive. However, you will have to spread into other niches in a while after choosing one.

The above process creates technical complexities best fixed by advanced site builders. Web pages can consist of different games, forums, blogs, reviews, videos, downloading options. However, not every site builder can satisfy complex requirements as to functionality of gaming sites, personal design tastes, customers’ solvency.

The most proper solution is Weblium. It is a unique website builder developed by devoted template monsters. Its biggest advantage is being suitable both for beginners and experienced users.

Important Characteristics of Gaming Website Builder:

  • creation of flexible designs in correspondence with your goal / niche;
  • free or reasonably priced service;
  • opportunity to create forums, blogs, communication areas for players;
  • possibility to edit web page codes;
  • complex menu and site hierarchy elaboration;
  • 24/7 online support;
  • being customer friendly on any device.

Weblium is leading-edge do-it-for-me website builder. While the studio makes your site, you can manage it yourself in an intuitive editor.

  • All you need initially is thoroughly consider style, design, and niche, let’s say, you could make a site consisting of only fresh articles including upgrades about your favorite games genres, consoles, game characters; or a site with huge variety of games to enjoy, download, team play, discuss, build group communities; moreover, you could even create a site completely dedicated to your own online gaming communities (like social networks). All these website types will be entirely different from each other, so this will be the biggest decision one should make in the beginning. You can also compare different designs and give an idea of your own sketch. After coming up with some initial plan, Weblium team will need around 72 hours to create your quality, well-structured and up-to-date designed website. Even if the final product does not suit you, you will get 100% of the money invested into it.

Material summed up in this article is very impressive and offers you a unique tool necessary to build an exciting gaming site you have always wanted. We recommend you to start working with Weblium today and start enjoying this creative process now.


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