US Military has now dental revolutionary Mic for invisible communication

California: The US Department of Defense has contacted a company after which it will be possible to connect with others by installing specific mic in teeth to contact with others.

In 2010, Sonits Technologies made an hearing instrument which was named Soundbite. It this a microphone was installed behind the ear and a censer installed inside the teeth. It used to change the vibration in the tooth or intersection and change it conversation. This Mice was named ‘Molo Mic’.

US Department of Defense has planned to use this inventory widely and for this, not only the amount of millions of dollars allocated, but some of its models are also in use. It is believed that in such a way the soldiers will get rid of wires and headphones in different fields.

This inventory was tested in Harvey storm last year and are still being experimented with California’s mofy Field. This system sends the voice waves inside the ear bone For which a small and water-proof mouth pace is placed inside the tooth.

The external noise has no effect on hearing due to the invention and mouth pace shows a new way. It can be connected to another person by connecting the radio to the near field Communications. In such a way, a soldier can contact another without warning anyone else in the underwater, helicopter, and in other difficult situations.

Molo Mic is an excellent invention for factories, noisy areas and spies on the other side.

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  1. I’m OK with technological advances and improved surveillance equipment, devices, etc. to be able to better spy on The Enemy and figure out what their plans are so that perhaps they can be thwarted. But when it comes to planting something in my body? Forget that! There’s a limit to my patriotism. I’m sorry. I watched that movie “The Chairman” which starred Gregory Peck. They told him it was just a communication device that they had planted in his head. It was a bomb! In case he didn’t succeed in his mission, they were going to blow his head off! So am I saying I don’t trust the military and/or responsible parties to implant a harmless device on my person? YES! That’s exactly what I’m saying.

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