Unique app for Hemoglobin test by looking at your nail pictures

Atlanta: An interesting Smartphone app that has been developed for anemia by analyzing nails is picture. When we talk about anemia or blood deficiency, So it means that hemoglobin is low in patients or red blood cells are less than usual, at present, two billion people in the world suffer from this condition. If it is not treated on time then severe problems like heart diseases, and especially maternity, cause problems occur.

Wilber Lem from Emory University,  located in the Atlanta, considered a lack of blood through a smartphone and has made an app that helps to recognize anemia by looking at the nail pictures. it is to be clear before this, experts have successfully developed a special diabetes system on human body by developing diabetes identification systems.

After research, experts have said that underneath the fingers nails, anemia can be valid diagnosed, because of the nails below color , the hemoglobin is responsible. The app reveals a lack of blood in the body by looking at  nails picture and there is a huge online database associated with this app of hemoglobin patients and they see a picture of it and successfully identifies anemia.

According to Wilian Lem, It does not need any expert to know the blood level and this is done in seconds. However, it is a massive trial that will be tried on elderly, pregnant women and small children. In the next phase, this team intends to develop an app for identifying liver diseases, eyes and skin as well.


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