Understanding weather tech and weather warnings!

About an hour from us (really a little less) in Ellicott City, sadly the location of the horrific flood less than 48 hours ago. One of the things that my grandmother was always worried about was the weather. She grew up in Iowa when tornados appeared without a lot of warning. I got my love of weather gadgets from my father, but I got my respect for weather itself from my grandmother. Having a weather radio in your house is critical. Having one that will announce the warnings is even more critical. I’ve had one in the house since we lived in Greenwood IN. One time, a tornado passed over our neighborhood and then touched down on the other side another side of my daughter’s elementary school.

I can also say that the Ellicott city floods directly impact the water flowing into the bay, including the water level in the Bay. Safety is critical first and foremost regardless of where you live. Knowing what is going on around you, can be critical fast. That said, I truly believe in having both weather radio’s and signing up with your cell phone for the regional weather service. Most countries around the world now have a cell phone alert system whereby they notify citizens of bad weather. Sign up today! The life you save may be that of someone you care about, or yourself. Knowing what is happening around you is critical!

I owe my grandmother that adherence! Be prepared, be ready and always pay attention to what is going on around you. Watching the video of the flood, it was really bad. There are videos of floods including many countries around the world; there is nothing to describe that horror. I love water and being on the water, but not when it is a raging flood like that.

We used to joke when I was little in Indiana that if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change. I think the other side of that is careful; the weather can change quickly!

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  1. So glad things are safe, I have been watching the weather. It wasn’t as bad here as they predicted, only rain but no flooding. Your Grandmother was a wise lady. And we always said the same about the weather!

    • My grandmother was very wise. She was the person that introduced me to Jeopardy. I can beat most of my family members in a very short time. But my grandmother kicked my butt in trivia until I was 15 years old!

    • Thanks Kim. We live on top a hill so while there was flooding it was below us, and far away from us. Kinda of sort of like the fires earlier, but the fires were much closer to you than the flood was to us!

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