W. C. Fields plays Carnival Barker Gabby Gilfoil in Two Flaming Youths, 1927.

Understanding Shills – part 5

The paid Shill, the person who is virtually ‘hired’ by the owner to tout the site and bring in warm bodies knows what s/he is doing.

This Shill is doing his/her job.

The unpaid Shill, the person who doesn’t know s/he is a Shill,  that is the tragedy.

The person who was ‘always paid’ and runs about discrediting others who were not;   is responsible for every user who was ripped off.

If one doesn’t want to take this responsibility, then simply do not promote a site.

I was on Triond from the year it began until it ended.   I was always paid.   I never brought in a single user.  I never promoted the site.   I did my work, took my coin.

This is because I had no connection to the Owners.   I don’t know who and what they are and do not swear for anyone.

When Triond went down I only felt sad for myself, for I was the only one I had brought into that site.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar