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Understanding Shills – Conclusion

Today’s writing sites are a bit more careful in how they rip off their users.  They maintain ‘pending’ earnings which they claim to be ‘calculating’.

Hence you have absolutely no idea what you earned yesterday, today, maybe tomorrow.

As you don’t know you earned $3.23 they can steal that money.   That is why sites have ‘pending’ .

It is not because they have not calculated the earnings, (it takes the computer three seconds) it is to allow them to steal undetected.

This  kind of scam has been written about for years.   The shocking part is  not that the Owners steal the earnings of their users, but that minor members of the site, members who have no idea what is going on,  will type until their fingers bleed, to ‘explain’ and ‘justify’ why another user was not paid.

This defense of a site really offers the volunteer shill no protection.

Firstly,  the fool who ‘defends’ what s/he doesn’t know or control,  is the easiest to rip off.

Secondly, the volunteer Shill usually is a rather poor writer the site could do without.

Thirdly,  the Volunteer Shill simply makes an idiot of him/her self.  The facts will come out, the site will stop paying or disappear, and the Shill will be the laughing stock.

Moral;  unless you are hired and paid to tout a site, to defend it;  don’t make a fool of yourself


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