Tutorail: How to post on instagram from pc

Still, Instagram has not offered any official method for posting photos on this social network using a PC. But there are some of the ways that you can use to upload pictures of your choice on Instagram.

It is possible when you know the process, and once you understand it, posting pictures will get simpler. Usually, people face this issue of editing photos on PC and then transferring them to their phones so that they can upload them on social media.

But by using some simple techniques, you can upload all your favourite photos from your PC without even transferring them to your phone.

Whatever the camera you have used for taking the photographs, you can upload them using your computer using the following ways:

Upload from the browser

While you are using the internet from the computer, most of the browsers let you change the agent user, and that needs you to identify the device you are using the internet on. So while you want to upload your photos using your PC, you can trick using the Instagram exactly you do it with your mobile site. Read the below-mentioned steps:


Go to the preferences option, in the advanced tab and select develop. While you are using safari from your browser, it becomes even more comfortable. Go to safari, click preferences and go the superior option.

Check the box which comes in the bottom. Select show the menu bar and then open safari window. Select the develop option, then click user agent and press safari. Then select the device type you are using.

Safari makes it easier for you to post your photos on Instagram and get instagram likes and followers from this site or using the PC. After that, go to Instagram’s website and sign in to the account you have. A + icon will come at the screen’s bottom. Tap the image and select the photos you want to upload to your account. Once you have uploaded a picture of your choice, you can add filters to them later on by editing them precisely like you do use the Instagram application.

Don’t forget to change the user agent settings back to default once you have uploaded your photos.


Using Chrome to upload your photos on Instagram is another most straightforward way that you can try. The process based on just a few clicks. Open tab in Chrome, open the official website and sign in to your account. Right-click on the page you’ve opened and selected inspect from the options.

An inspection tool will come on the screen. All you need to take care of the icon of phone and tablet arises on the screen. Another window “inspector window” will appear. Click on the window, and they’re a mobile view will refresh.

Click on the tab icon again, and once you have uploaded your photos, close the tool and update the Instagram website again to get back to a desktop website of Instagram.

These two ways will help you much for posting your photos to Instagram.


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Written by Adrian Kemp

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