Top 10 Reason for Choosing Contact Center Software

Communication is the key to business success. Most businesses think of an IP PBX system when they want a good communication system in place. Suggestcontactcenter software and it will not go down well because, as the name says, it is supposedly for use only by contact or call centers. However, businesses can gain better features and give better services if they use an omnichannel contact center software. Here are the top 10 reasons why.

1. Contact center software has features that go beyond IP PBX

IP PBX, even if it has audio video conferencing, voicemail and IVR, is a restrictive channel since it can handle communications in a limited. Omnichannel contact center softwareOmnichannelcontact center software helps companies to serve customers and callers better because a caller using any channel to start a conversation can carry it forward to any other channel.

2.Automated call distribution

Typical contact center software alwaysincludes intelligent routing and call distribution as well as smart dealers. These uses can be transplanted to business environments, along with an included IVR, to ensure that callers get to talk to the right people the first time instead of being put on hold interminably long times.


Softwarefor contact center usually incorporates list management and campaign management, features you may not find in IP PBX. Businesses can take advantage of these features to initiate sales campaigns on a regular or periodic basis using their in-house personnel instead of having to outsource such activities to a call center.

4.Call monitoring and recording

Whywould a business need these facilities? Administrators can listen to in on calls, monitor them and also record them for transcription or to check the conversation and find ways to improve conversations or the way their calls are being handled by employees.

5.Text to speech and speech recognition

Call center software usually incorporates text into speech and speech recognition and, with advanced artificial intelligence, you can even get language translators. If you carry out global operations it is easy to see how beneficial these features can be.

6.Reduces costs

PBX can lead to high cost of phone calls and high initial investment. Usean omnichannel contact center software available as a hosted solution and you pay only for what you use as you go along. You can scale up or scale down.


The omnichannel performance is available on mobile devices too. Businesses that have employees in the field or remote employees can easily interface with them and also grant them permissions to access database, directory and other facilities available in contact center software. Calls to head office can be routed automatically to a person in the field.

8.No specialized hardware

All that is needed to use the contact center solution is a computer system with microphone and headset and an internet connection. This saves space and cost in hardware. Mobiles already have built in microphone and speakers and allow use from anywhere at any time.

9.Unified communication and collaboration

Contact center software these days incorporate video conference and chat facility using WebRTC and merge together diverse communication channels into one easy to manage and use system through a dashboard. This eases the load on employees, helps them achieve more with less waste of time and deliver customer satisfaction. Businesses that think of outsourcing some services to call centers will find that with the software in place and the addition of just one or two staff members will help them to do it in-house and on their own and achieve better results. The predictive dialer and auto-dialer make life easier when one has to call a number of people from a list contained in the directory. One can even make selective lists with this software.


A dedicated PBX system is difficult to move should you change your location of operation of your business. Choose a hosted contact center solution and you need not worry even if you shift operations to another country. Your system is up and running in just a couple of hours.

With all these advantages it offers, the contact center solution should be the first and only choice for unified communications in your business.


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Written by Sindhav Bhagirath

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