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Today’s solar eclipse, hopefully, my time-lapse weather station will capture at least a bit of the happening today. The sun should be on the horizon visible to the weather station (after 4 pm the sun passes over the house and is no longer visible on the weather station video). I do recall the last one back in the 1970’s; I watched that one with my father. Sad that he won’t see this one. He loved opportunities to teach science to anyone that would listen. I will for a moment today, remember that event and him as I watch the great Solar Eclipse of 2017. I do have to say that the hype about the great Eclipse of 2017 does almost make me want to skip it.

Sometimes events become so hyped that they truly move well out of the event and into the realm of fantasy.

There are some interesting things wandering around the cool tech world right now. One of them is the now shipping Keybo. The keyboard is a virtual keyboard. They shipped a virtual mouse earlier last year. Now they are shipping a virtual keyboard and a piano keyboard ((in one box). That should be interesting. Especially for using with garage band on the iPad, as well as using it as the primary keyboard for my iPhone (sometimes I need to reply to a  longer reply than I like to type on the tiny iPhone Keyboard).I posted my initial review of both GoTenna and Beartooth push-to-talk yesterday I will do a more detailed functionality review soon and share that as well. I did, for those of you following along at home, make progress in my clean-my-office campaign. I got one corner of the office organized. Only 3 more corners to go!


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  1. Were you able to see the eclipse? The hype can be annoying, but it shouldn’t be a reason to miss something like that. Wish I could see it! There was one when I was little, but I didn’t see much from it. I remember that the sky and everything ouside became brown, it was quite impressive. 🙂

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