Tips and tricks to keep your phone safe

Mostly when we think of viruses, we consider just the Windows PC that are prone to such threats. But as our mobile phones have become faster, reliable and have a greater working ability, they need to be protected as well. Today’s mobile device can do more processing than a computer from 20 years ago.

As nothing comes without a catch, the biggest catch for smartphones is the Security. Mostly apps communicate via internet and when on internet, nothing is safe unless proper security measure are taken. The number of apps on just Google Play Store is estimated to be 2.7 million apps. That’s a pretty huge amount of apps with more coming in shortly.

We are now using more than ever apps. From being social media apps to camera apps to self-reminder apps to various gaming apps. Every one of us is hooked to a seemingly giant amount of apps. But are these apps safe to use?

The most common signs that device has already been hacked or some malicious activity is going on are:

  • Battery draining extremely fast
  • Apps opening and closing on their own
  • Very slow performance of the smartphone
  • A very rapid increase in your data usage
  • Random mystery pop-ups

Some of the simplest steps you can take to make sure your privacy isn’t breached are:

Keep your phone locked when not using

When we lock the phone, the Android automatically applies 256-bit AES standard Encryption algorithm on our device. So remember to lock your phone either through a pin, password or a pattern. Now finger print impression, face recognition and voice recognition can also be used to lock the smartphones.

Downloading only the verified Apps

When downloading any app, make sure that it is an authentic one and look for its source/vendor. Apps downloaded from attachments/ third party vendors or various forums possess a greater risk to the security.

App Reviews

Make sure you read those app reviews both positive and negative. If it contains more reviews like this app is making my device crash again and again or it is not doing what it is supposed to do or too many pop ups, you might want to steer clear from it.

App Permissions

Before downloading an app or even when installing look carefully to what permissions does it require. It has been observed that generally users give all permission without realizing what they are agreeing to. Look for the permission and deny any of them if they don’t seem agreeable to you.


Update your devices regularly. Because it is quite possible that the previous ones contained some glitches that are now fixed in the updated version. So update your android version and app regularly.

Devices’ Security Settings

Check your mobile device’s security settings and make sure to untick “Unknown Sources” field. This feature lets you download apps from any forum/ device that gains access to your system. You can find this setting in Settings->Security->Unknown Sources.

Download a Security Software

Use an authenticated and effective antivirus software for your mobile phone. Such a software ads some additional security to your phone and notifies you when anything suspicious is going on.


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