The perfect Roadmap to Uber-like Taxi App Development

Uber Statistics: 14 million Uber trips are completed every day.This mind-blowing fact clearly states the importance of Uber-like app. This is not the only reason to invest in on-demand taxi apps. Even, Statista has forecasted the increasing growth of such apps for business purpose. The app will connect customers with taxi divers; thus business owners can earn revenue for every service provided. All is about a matter of an app that can turn an initial investment into a lifetime profit.

Let’stalk about the development of the app.

Create your Taxi Dispatch System like Uber

The taxi dispatch software solution will be designed for Android and iOS platforms. The user-friendly interface will allow personalized solutions to customers.

We are going to cover all the requisites associated with app development. Have a look at the taxi dispatch solution overview.

The app will be categorized or designed on three factors – passenger,diver and business owners.

  • Passenger App Development for iOS and Android Platform

User Registration

The login page will help users to get registered by simply creating an id.


Passenger scan rate and review the service after completion.


1.The booking set up can be done by the following few steps.

2.Passengers can set up the pickup location.

3.Furthermore, they can select the desired vehicle among the alternatives.

4.Passengers can get the fare estimation.

4.Request for the Service.

5.Apps will show the online presence of drivers and vehicle information on the app.

History Details

Passenger scan check history details and use them as future references. From journey details to fare estimation, users can get detailed info associated to the service opted.

Live Routing

From start till the end, passengers can track the journey on the map.


Users will get free rides in the form of promotional text or email.

Driver Panel

  • Quick Registration

Drivers can add detail and register on the platform.

  • Select Availability

Drivers can show their online availability as per their comfort by selecting this option.

  • Real-time Updates

Drivers get notified in the case of new requests, pending, etc.

  • Accept/Decline

Drivers can easily accept or reject the offer requested by the passengers.

  • Ride Info

Drivers can get necessary details associated with customers’ rides.

  • Google Navigation

Google maps will provide the path throughout the journey, i.e., where they need to be picked and dropped.

  • Invoice Generation

The driver will get an invoice at the end of every ride.

Admin Panel Outlook

The admin panel outlook is an important part of the taxi dispatch software. Checkout the following essentials of the app.

  • Secure Login

Business owners can securely login through any web browsers and gain insight associated with the business.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard will show information related to revenue, requests,cancellations, etc.

  • Customization

Business owners can easily add new drivers, set prices, commission values,etc. Furthermore,they can add changes and modify features.

  • Dispatcher Panel

Services approved by business owners can be operated with the dispatcher panel.

Checkout the must-have requisites or benefits of a taxi dispatch software.

1. Easy-to-use Interface

User scan easily evaluate, select and choose the desired option, and get services at their doorsteps.

2.One-tap Assistance

A single tap and basic details to be filled,and the taxi will be available.


From start to end, users can get personalized solutions within a few taps.

4.GPS Integration

Users can easily track the location anytime and anywhere.

5.Reliable Service

Professional and affordable services will be delivered at the doorstep… this is what every customer wants.

Now, you are ready to go.

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