The ‘Kalashnikov’ company discover ‘Electric Super Car’

Famous creator of machine gun AK-47 creator of “Kalashnikov” The Russian ammunition company has done a very different work by leaving its usual routine and introduced ‘Electric Super Car’.

Kalashnikov surprised everyone by offering a new electric super car in a modern weapon (Defense Expo) in Moscow. The participants expressed special interest in the electric electric car, instead of petrol, diesel or CNG. The ¬†Super Car is designed to be a popular Russian car model of the 1970s, like “Izh-Kombi”.The one who looks at the first glance, like the oldest memory memorandum, but in fact, it is indispensable with modern and many new features.

It is written in Kalashnikov’s website while describing the characteristics of the electric super car, that car has a modern-style intersection installed, which will not need to re-charge the car up to 350 kilometers once only charging the car.

The company has also claimed that the Electric Super car will gain popularity worldwide, While its unique features and cheap prices, this will eliminate the monopoly of many brands, including the ‘Telsa’ However, the price of this electric super car has not been announced yet.


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