The Importance And Benefits Of The Industrial Control Panels

The Industrial Control Panels (ICPs) have an assembly and a standard arrangement of more than two components. These components may include the overload relays, motor controller, circuit breakers and fused disconnect switches. The panels may also have the related control devices including selector switches, push button stations, switches, timers, control relays, pilot lights, terminal blocks, and the associated wiring. The industrial control panels are an important interface through which the major part of the production system can be controlled.

Regulatory Requirement

The reliability, construction, and safety of the industrial control panel are very important because of the critical status and functioning of them. Countries in the European Union, Canada, and the United States require that the industrial control panels should be built, installed, and maintained according to certain specified standards and regulations. For instance, in the United States of America, the control panel should comply with the provisions and guidelines of the National Electric Code (NEC) Article 409 (Section 110.3b). Hence it is important for the industrial control panel manufacturers to design and manufacture the panels in accordance with the regulations. Companies should also see to it that ICPs are installed and maintained in a proper way.

Importance of Industrial Control Panels

A number of devices, machines, and processes can be controlled through the ICP. These include the motors, production tool and equipment, industrial tools, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems and much more. While some may hold the view that the panels are an unnecessary and extravagant expenditure, the panels offer benefits including convenient control and safety of workers customers, among many others.

Improving the Workflow

The industrial panels provide centralized control for all the machines and tools, thereby making the operation fast and smooth. The workers do not have to look for a separate board and switch for operating the machines and tools, which saves time. Use of panels also lowers fatigue and over a period of time provides for better productivity.


The regulations make it mandatory for the companies to install industrial control panels that are built of the right kind of materials and can prevent the various hazards that a commercial or industrial environment is exposed to. These panels come with ventilation, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Their use lowers the hazard related, fire, and other kinds of threats and ensures the safety of the surrounding environment, customers and the workers.

Efficient control

A single operator can handle industrial control. Therefore your staffing needs are reduced and there are lesser confusion and chaos. New panels also come with human-machine interface designs and the LED displays that are highly accurate. Because the entire production system gets to be integrated wastage is also avoided. Panels can control multiple motors at a single time and the variable frequency drive panels also regulate the current inflow and can manage voltage so that the motors run effectively at the same speed.

Installation of the industrial control panel can soon cover the cost invested in not more than a year. There is a solution not only makes the operation safe but also offers was and time savings and enhancement in productivity that provide for business growth and sustainability. You can contact the leading supplier getup customize ICP fit for your operation and environment.


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