The future (possible) for Transactive Energy

A great comment posted on one of my previous transactive energy posts. Not all businesses and houses have a southern exposure (needed for optimal solar energy absorption). That is completely true, but it isn’t truly as relevant as you think. In part because of the concepts that Transactive Energy gives us. If, and by the way in the world of TE, that IF is 600 point type a massive road blocking stopping all progress if. If, we can create a true Micro-Grid mentality, in a neighborhood. Those houses in southern exposure would have solar panels. Those houses with good space and the ability would have wind turbines. All of that energy would contribute to the neighborhood power. Just to be clear, the value that Transactive Energy and the laws and governance of that is the ability to create neighborhood collective. Where anyone house, contributes what it can contribute.

There are some pieces in the sale or wind power production world that have to be considered. Panels on the southern exposure to maximize the amount of energy collected, wind turbines in areas that wouldn’t cause noise or wildlife disruption. All of this provided to the neighborhood collective. All of this power shared, reducing the reality of carbon impact and making it easier to have and use power. One of the things I argued many years ago now, was that neighborhoods with community buildings could dig up the yard of the community building and put batteries for energy storage there instead of in each house.

It would allow a neighborhood to have e2 or 3 times the battery storage needed to support the neighborhood for two, three or four days. The connection to the power company would then be a secondary power source for the neighborhood.

I do understand that while the ideal is always possible, it isn’t always probable. With the new Tesla developed solar shingles, covering an entire roof with a solar array won’t impact the house as much as either a wind turbine or solar array would. It also allows the great production of power on none-southern exposure homes. I wish the reality of shared energy were probable; I know in the short run it isn’t but the technology for anyone homeowner regardless of roof exposure, to produce and offset some of their power needs is there.


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