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The amazing reality of what you can do with your cellular phone, now!

I spend a lot of time considering, evaluating and deploying the mobile technology. It is something I am passionate about. Do you know that you can use an encryption service like lookout to keep prying virtual eyes away? There are so many things we can all do with our cellular phone… Because of that, I look for applications and hardware solutions that will allow me to add functionality to my iPhone. FLIR has a great add-on infrared camera for your iPhone. I use mine all the time mostly to determine where I have air leaking out of my house. There are some devices that I connect to my iPad or my Samsung because they either aren’t iPhone ready or frankly there are no applications to support them. Wallabot is a fantastic tool that lets you see into your walls (sonar). Spike from IKE is a great laser measurement tool that connects to your iPhone. Finally, the Ociptal Structure Scanner allows you to do 3d scanning right on your iPad.

This isn’t a new Beauvoir; I did the same thing with my PocketPC phone many years ago, Although then I was adding features that didn’t exist that would make my life easier (GPS, etc.) in the days before phones had cameras and GPS systems built into the phone itself. There are some add-on things that are interesting. You can track the actual UV of the air around you, weather, and shoot 360 videos right on your phone.

As someone that spends a lot of time figuring out how all these things work together, I am curious about these devices. The concept, now big in the market is that of “edge” computing. Edge is the concept of pushing processing to the data and outside the normal boundaries of processing for most companies. If you think about the listing of things you can do with your cellular device, now, you see that edge computing may, in fact, go as far from the core as your phone does. The cellular phone becomes your edge device. The capabilities the phone brings you to the user, and the information you can acquire continues to amaze.

The future may require the wearing of sunglasses. It is that bright!


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