The Advantages Of Using Prezi in the Classroom

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” – Arthur Brisbane

Presentations are an integral part of the learning process. The human brain processes visual information better than plain text. That’s why creating and watching presentations has become so popular.

Prezi allows you to make beautiful visual presentations, which carry sizable loads of information, helping the students memorize and retain the important points. The benefits of using Prezi in the classroom are numerous. PresentationGeeks experts helped us see a few of them.

1. The Zoom Feature

The most useful and noticeable option in Prezi is its zoom function. You can zoom information in and out helping the messages come to life in a new way.

Instead of going from one slide to another, as you would do in PowerPoint, Prezi allows you to focus on small details while seeing the big picture. The information is offered in an accumulative manner, helping students memorize and process the data faster.

2. Data Organization

In order to help the students grasp the information, it’s important for it to be properly organized. There are many ways to arrange pieces of data using traditional methods.

Prezi offers teachers a chance to give their students a new way of data organization. The program creates a certain mind map, which doesn’t just increase the students’ ability to memorize information, it simplifies understanding.

3. Freedom Of Navigation

Since this program was designed with iPad in mind, it allows you to create interesting interactive presentations with touch navigation. The freedom of navigation is impressive. You can store the Prezi in a public domain and allow the students to access it from anywhere. While at home, they can navigate the presentation, cementing new knowledge.

4. Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions and group projects become better and brighter with Prezi. The program allows real-time collaboration with up to 10 ten members, no matter where they are located at that moment. The team members can build a presentation on one shared whiteboard without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

5. Suitable For All Ages

Prezi software is created for all ages. Meaning anyone can learn how to use it for his or her needs. A certain learning curve allows both professors and students to grow and collaborate while exploring something new.

Using Prezi in the classroom also lets the professors show that they are “on par” with the new technologies and help establish a good relationship with students.

6. Simply Fun

Prezi is a fun way to get your idea through. The program features a variety of interesting tools to help make your presentation truly impressive. Students appreciate a fun and unusual way to process the information. Even better, they enjoy learning how to use a new tool, which can create impressive results.

Overall, Prezi is quickly becoming the preferred software for classroom presentations. While many professors and teachers still use PowerPoint because “they’ve done it for years,” the students are leaning toward the new technologies.

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