Technology Wander CSTEAM, STEAM, STEM and when the ground shakes!

Are you looking for a seismograph for your kid’s school? Or perhaps home?  But if you use my code RSEND17 when you check out, you get another 10% off!!!!! The image shared with this post comes from my shake in my basement. We live in Maryland, near a fault (in Virginia) so it is important to watch and know. The reality of STEM education (I prefer CSTEAM to STEM but oh well) is the increase of technology, engineering, and science crucial in our schools. A seismograph is a great way for a teacher to introduce some concepts including geology (plates and movement), engineering (buildings that can survive earthquakes) and mathematics (figure out force!).

When I was teaching 2nd grade, we used Science as a tool for reading, as well as many other topics. The easy button is that kids love the experience of science. The rise of the STEM concept and now STEAM (adding Art to the process) is great. I believe adding a C (CSTEAM) introduces the concept of communication and collaboration. I won’t spend more time on the overall concepts of CSTEAM, Seismographs and so on.

From drones to 3d printers, STEM, STEAM, and CSTEAM are ways to help kids, and young adults understand the world they are going to enter as adults. It is almost drone season, time to get out my stick so I can knock selfie drones out of the sky (Kidding). There are some interesting drone products shipping this year, and I am interested in seeing what is going to be in the market by the early spring. Always fun to see the art of the possible wander our way!


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  1. BTW, Great article, this is exactly the type of technological advancement that being affordable should be in all classrooms. Plus the thought of child prodigies realizing the seismic rythms that are studied by forecasters hoping to be able to further predict natures fury, and save lives in doing so.

  2. Now knowing how close you are, did you feel the Virginia 4.5 back in 2011 ? It happened within an hour of a larger quake in central Colorado. And was the most intense I have ever felt. I was in Wachapreague at the time and there was a deep boom, followed by a few minutes of swaying in every direction. The area suffered no real damage, but did set off severe home settling in the area to happen since, more so that over the last few hundred years, all in a short period.


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