Years ago, when people began to use computers as virtually smart type writers, they had to know enough about the technology to go from a C: to the program they had in mind.

There was no point and click; there was a command line, and one had to know the commands.

This meant that someone in that office had to know something about programming, even if it was a few simple commands.

At the Introduction of Windows 95 one needed to know nothing.

A word processing program would be put on the computer and all the user had to do was move the mouse, click, and start typing.

Although this seems innovative, in a way, it is a retrograde step because knowing nothing about computers, computer language, commands, leaves one as ignorant about a computer as they are about their cars.

A hundred years ago, if one had a car they knew about carburetors batteries, and a few other things which enable the owner to do many of his/her own simple repairs.   Today, people drive into service stations for just about everything, and the mechanic can pretty much charge them whatever he feels like, because they don’t know.

Today, one can pretty much tell the average computer user anything and because they haven’t the knowledge, fool them. 

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Written by Tall Awah

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