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It can’t happen to me

It is a line all of us have heard before. It is one that we have to consider, and ultimately we have to choose to apply it or ignore it. I am wandering two distinct ways that people consider, discard or accept the reality of yes IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.

The first is the reality of CyberSecurity. Cyber, represents everything outside of your home, that is not physical. IT can however also represent physical devices in your home. CyberSecurity is the application of security services to your personal space in the world beyond your home. It represents the platform on which this blog sites, and the reality of how you got there. Based on many years of experience I have come to realize that the most important thing to do to keep your world secure is to listen. I have a couple of suggestions to make your life a little easier.

  1. When possible always use social media login. Write down the sites you connect to and don’t use one social media platform to log into everything. Never use social media (SM) logins for banks, online transactions or auction sites. Those require a unique username and password. Why? Because you can create one very complex password that will reduce your risk of hacking significantly. Pass@word is not secure. H4you@theOperA.  Using the number 4 for is, however fairly common, so not a great idea but you get the idea. The more complex your password, the likely you are to     forget, so only having it used once reduces your exposure and increased your security
  2. Most computer problems are local.  All security is local. The passwords you create are what separate and protect you. Malware and Anti-Virus is the most important thing. That said, the free versions of that software are very good. They respond just as quickly as the larger vendors do, to update and protect. 
  3. Keep your computer up today with patches!

Those three simple rules help!

Earlier today I shared something I share with crowdfunding campaigns that also applies in this space of IT can’t happen to me..” Sadly it can. I have talked to many young innovation teams with brilliant ideas. Simply some of the smartest people, open to ideas I’ve ever worked with. They, like some people I talk to, suffer from the arrogance of “It isn’t me, it can’t happen to me.” First off, if all the problems you’re facing are not your problem, you need to consider where and what you are doing. Look inward first, then look to where you are, then if all of that is working perfectly, assume it is something between you and what you are trying to do. Last, once you have removed all the variables, consider starting over with a vanilla implementation. 99% of the time the issue is on your end. All of this is why I built the three rules I shared with innovators below.

1. Never assume all things will come together.

2. Prepare for the failure of every component.

3. When you’ve completed 1 and 2, add a month!

It can happen to you, make sure it isn’t an issue you’ve created first.


What do you think?


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