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Tech Wiz on Wireless Speaker Systems…

Sonos is the wireless speaker system I have embraced and adopted over the past six years. We started down the path of Sonos when we first moved to Maryland. We got our first Soundbar (we have two now). Simply put I compared the sound of the Bose and Sonos, and I found them both to be about the same. Cost wise was about the same, but since heading down the path, things have changed. Sonos has embraced the Alexa system from Amazon. You can also control the Bose speakers with Alexa, but for me, it was a win-win when the new Sonos integrated Alexa speaker came out. That is the speaker I use in my office to play music, Jeporady and interact with my Sonos system.

We have Sonos speakers in five rooms of our house right now. The sound quality they produce is amazing. The Sonos speakers are also integrated with our home automation system (Control4) allowing us to play records, CDs and anything else we want throughout our entire house. Alexa can also interact with the Sonos speakers in one room or every room. It makes our entire house a haven for sound when we need it. The next integration points I am looking for are Keecker adding a Sonos application (it might be there in the Google Play store, but more Keecker being aware of and able to use the Sonos speakers). Over the years I have always had speakers and a home stereo, now I have less of a stereo, and more speakers!

For me, the future of home entertainment is a mix of the capabilities of Keecker, and Sonos. While I have been a Dish Network Customer for more than 20 years, I no longer see Dish as part of my future. I suspect I will be a subscriber for two, maybe three more years. But now, the things I am considering and find important aren’t always available on regard or what is called network tv.  My children no longer watch TV at all. They do streaming and seldom watch live TV. We could probably turn in their receivers now. I think at some point in the next few days I am going to do a poll about the future of home entertainment. I am trying not to flood virily with a poll a day!

What do you think?

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  1. Think that Sonos is a very cool system, like very much that it allows you to combine your favorite songs into one application, which can be controlled from any device. And it’s so super that your children do streaming and seldom watch live TV!!!

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