Tech Wiz – five coolest tech things here (or coming)

The five coolest technologies I have seen that are almost here. I won’t, as promised a couple of years ago, propose crowdfunding projects. Instead, these are the upcoming technologies that have been announced or are currently shipping ranked in order of my personal choice (based on my system and my experience) of what I think is cool. I will do a reverse order (5 to 1)

5. It has to be the two soon shipping ROV’s (OpenROV Trident is one of the two). These devices allow you to traverse the world under the surface of any body of water, without getting wet. See things from the grouper POV (grouper is a fish).

4. The Qoocam – currently shipping easy to use 365 camera that also does 3d. The next version of 360/3d cameras also includes the ability to scan 3d images using the camera.

3. Crowdstrike – the most interesting piece of cyber security software released in a long time. This allows companies to secure users computers, and servers. Plus, if the user is disconnected from the company network, Crowdstrike still monitors what the user is doing!

2. IR/360/UV camera add-ons for iPhones. The first two are shipping today; the 3rd is coming later this year. It allows you to share and experience more!

1. 5g, the future of networking is 5g. It is truly a game changer for cities, countries, and users! 5g opens up a huge pipe for the user to use wherever they are!

A lot of this tech is shipping right now. Some of it is coming in the next 12-18 months. Ok, in fairness a full implementation of 5g is a little longer than 18 months. But these technologies right now are all game changers!



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