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Ravean is an interesting company. They have done two different crowdfunding campaigns for heater winter coats. I backed both (down jackets). I got one for me and one for my wife. It is interesting to me, the way some companies now approach crowdfunding.  Interesting because there are so many companies now doing crowdfunding. Yesterday I talked about a couple that had failed. Or rather a couple of companies I thought would take off, that well didn’t. Today I want to focus on the interesting companies that have to successful and the markets they are entering. In part, because they were successful and in part because the markets they are entering happen to be an area of interest for me.

The pilot is the voice translation system that has earbuds. So far, I’ve used it several times, actually wandering around a Metro Station with the earbuds in and talking to people that looked lost and confused. A couple of them were Spanish speaking, and I was able to communicate with them reasonably well. Music is better than the halting conversations I’ve had in the past. We were able to carry on a fairly complex conversation about which line they needed to get on to end up on the Silver line (it was Redline to Metro central, and then switch to the Silver line). That is a harder conversation to have when you don’t even have common words. My Spanish is halting at best.

The other company is Snapmaker. With a laser cutter, laser engraving 3d printer, you have a very interesting product. I won’t talk about pending products, there are some interesting nearly, or almost shipping products that I think will be market changes. But, based on my rules of the past year I don’t post about things that are not currently shipping. Crowdfunding is risky; there are no guarantees you will ever see value in your contribution. Keecker is another product that I enjoy using. Although we do have a small problem with operating and playing with Keecker. Serenity, one of the dogs in our house, is terrified of Keecker. When the screen comes on, she runs away tail between her legs. That means I can only turn the Keecker on when Serenity is downstairs.

(PS Bloomsky was also a Crowdfunding project)!


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