Teaching English Language Virtually

For the past two years, I had learned so many things that enriched my intellectual ability through work and life experiences. When I resigned from my regular job as a Community Facilitator and started to work as an Office-Based Online English Teacher in 2014. After a year, I decided to work at home. It is a blessing in disguise situation to try teaching online and to support my family members emotionally. I had witnessed how my family felt lost when my father died due to heart disease. It is a good chance to strengthen family ties while working in my hometown.

The learning process takes a lot of sacrifices and gains knowledge leading to great satisfaction in my life. It is a new venture in teaching the English language online that takes a matter of time in enabling oneself to learn the technicality of using the software of the company.

I must admit that the multi-tasking part is tough to deal with at first. But then, I managed to handle the situation and enjoyed teaching students at the same time. It is fun to transfer the innate skills and learn others’ culture through teaching the universal language. I felt so overwhelmed with the positive feedback from the students who are non-native speakers.

I had acquired so many soft skills in terms of using the installed software in the computer and enhancement of the ability to use the teaching tools while having classes with the students online. The teaching skills had improved after applying five (5) conventional methods: First, I usually ask the students’ main goal. Second, I tried to incorporate the lesson or topic in targeting their main goal. Third, I summarize the student’s performance prior to the end of the class session. Fourth, I give feedback on how to improve their speaking skills. Lastly, I usually give some recommendations or suggestions on how to deal with the identified weaknesses noted during the class. Teaching English online made me feel like a good educator virtually. I felt so satisfied with trying such a new venture in life and it definitely boosted my self-esteem.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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