Sunlight and Rain-Saving Drone

The Japanese company has manufactured a drone umbrella that does not need to reach it or hold it on hand, and it saving you from the sun and the rain, flowing up just over your head.

This umbrella drone called Freeprasol flies with artificial intelligence and camera support, and the Japanese company Asahi Power services has prepared and called it the fly umbrella, it is also useful in sunshine and rain and is completely hand-free – that you can use the phone under it easily. You don’t need to hold it in hand.

Weight of this umbrella is approximately 8 kg and currently it can fly up to 20 minutes, but its designer is considering reducing the weight of one kilogram by increasing its duration for an hour. It can also in fast rain and wind blowing it still works.

According to the Japanese company, Freeprasol will be offered for sale in 2019 and it has been kept at 240 USD It is clear that by 2020, globally the trade of drone will go to $ 100 billion.

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