Social Media; Social Suicide

At an orientation of the junior swim team,  the coach warned them about social media.  Some of these kids were as young as ten.

Only the most oblivious or disconnected would think the warning was premature. for at this point in time,  a huge percentage of the online population have committed social suicide and forewarned is forearmed.

Whether they’ve sent ‘private’ nude photos which later are splashed from Facebook to Instagram, whether they’ve vented about a Boss, a relative, a business, NOTHING is private online.

Online posts and photos have destroyed the futures of the posters.

For example;  Raymond loved to salsa dance.   He had dozens of photos and videos on Facebook.   Unfortunately, he was a lawyer, and who would hire someone for a serious firm who would post these awkward images?

Gabe, who was divorcing his wife posted images of himself with some gal who looked like she had a cash register on her bed.   Now who was supposed to be committing adultery?

Gwen posted her support of a particular leader which meant she would never work for any organisation that considered him substandard.

Christine used social media as a diary to  discuss her relationships.   It became public so everyone shunned her because they didn’t want their private lives online.

Pederasts live on Facebook, looking for images of children they can rape, so do thieves who can select the car they want to steal, or the premises they desire to break in when the owners are off on their vacation.

Unless you personally know this person to the extent you can have coffee with them, or are invited to their wedding, how do you know this is really a 13 year old boy, not a 54 year old pederast?

How do you know this is a 30 year old Peace Corp worker and not a 19 year old Nigerian scammer?

You don’t.


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