Smart Stick/Rod for Blind People – Be Easy

The white rod is considered to be an important helper tool for the blind people around the world. Now Turkish young experts have transformed them into a smart stick by adding technology to the traditional rod, and on this occasion a website has been created for the purpose of funding the WVW project.

The Turkish Young Guru Academy has made this stick, which can be called a modern technology masterpiece. The most important thing in this is its electronic handle that can be used to connect with any ordinary white rod.

After that there is an ultrasound sensor present in the rod that encloses obstacles, uncomfortable land, water and mud etc. before the surface of the head and warns through a sound. Its handle at a lot of noise creates a smartphone like anxiety that can be felt on your hands.

A light LED is mounted in the handle, which can be seen by blind ladies and gentlemen when looking in the dark. This stick pad can be controlled by a smartphone and tablet also. Its aim is that speakers present in this can also get guidance through Google Map and other apps.

The walk rod software is open source, which can further improve and improve. The maker of this team has requested a taxed fund on the Internet and the cost of a VW set can be up to Rs 35,000, while it will be available by December this year.


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