Should you be on Instagram? How Social Media can help your Brand

With millions of users and millions of images posted and shared each day, there is no doubt that Instagram is making a major impact. It offers several possibilities for individuals and businesses. Instagram is an essential social channel and marketers who are not using it face the risk of missing out on big opportunities. Whether you are managing the social media of small businesses or large corporations or want to promote your personal brand, integrating Instagram into your strategy is crucial.

Spending time on Instagram 

Instagram is a popular social network and people spend a considerable amount of time on it. This gives you more time and chances to get yourself in a prime position in front of the audience.

Driving Sales 

Instagram is associated with a high conversion rate. Visitors are likely to make purchases after visiting accounts. As a visual platform, Instagram is clutter-free and focus is mainly on the actual products.

Dominant Content 

Users are interested in the visual content. It is common for social media users to scroll past the posts on their feeds and stop when they come across photos and videos. One of the most important aspects of business marketing and optimizing your presence on social media is visual content.

Engaging the Audience 

Instagram followers share content and engage constantly. A high engagement rate makes the platform a valuable resource for any type of business venture.


Instagram facilitates unlimited possibilities for innovation. It gives you an opportunity to create your visual identity, get creative and tell stories in a fun way. By being consistent, engaging with your followers and running contests, you can experiment with different techniques and showcase your personality.

User-generated Content 

If you sell products, customers are crucial for your success. You can repurpose the content of customers that are already sharing your content and encourage others to share photos of products. Customers enjoy seeing interactions among brands and want to be acknowledged.

Instagram enables you to be as creative as possible and show customers sides of your brand that they may not be familiar with. You can show customers what goes into production, your working environment and glimpses of new products. There is a lot of content that you can create as long as you are willing to be creative.

Telling Stories 

Sharing visuals is a good way to inform your audience about who you are and establish a relationship with prospective customers and online ambassadors. An approach that focuses on the customer rather than the product is important. Get Instagram followers here.

This is why your Instagram fee needs to go beyond pushing products. Instagram has the potential to encourage emotional responses and create a positive effect on your overall business success from visibility to tangible sales and loyal customers.

Impact of Visual Content 

Photos and videos provide engaging content on the internet. Visual posts produce higher engagement when compared to text only posts. Instagram is the ideal platform to engage people and make sure that they keep coming back for more.

You can use Instagram to evaluate what will resonate with your followers visually and develop your brand. The imagery that is used on Instagram can be incorporated into various marketing channels like email newsletters and blogs.

Reaching more People 

Instagram gives businesses a large potential audience. Hashtags are effective for exposing your content and reaching the right people when you post on Instagram. It is important to ensure that the hashtags you use are always relevant and the target audience is actually searching for them. Targeted ads are created to reach more prospective customers and can be a worthwhile investment of time and money.

Identifying your Community 

Instagram has a high engagement rate that is attributed to an audience that is receptive to branded content. Generating engagement begins with following people who talk about your products or brand and commenting on their posts.

You can begin conversations by using your hashtags and encouraging followers to get involved. You need to make an effort to connect with your audience rather than focusing on publishing videos and photos of products.

Insight and Feedback 

Monitoring conversations about your products and brand are necessary for marketing success. You need to keep track of what people post about you on Instagram. Regardless of whether or not you are on the social media platform, people may use it to discuss your services and products. It is important to pay attention to this feedback and understand customer’s perceptions of your brand while gaining useful insight into your customer base.

Watching your Competitors 

While you may not be using Instagram for marketing purposes, your competitors probably are. The platform can be used to keep track of how the rest of the competition is interacting online. This can help you discover the most effective practices in your field and inspire you to create your own strategy.

Businesses continue to react rapidly to Instagram as it grows and a majority of the top brands have Instagram accounts. With several businesses and brands on Instagram, it is clear that there are incentives to use the platform consistently.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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