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The fastest way to solve problems is to listen. The fastest way to use a tech support team is to listen to them! The second review this week, I promised I would focus to finish the reviews. The Qoo cam is a new 360 degrees 3d camera. It is 180 degrees in 3d mode and 460 degrees with 4k video. The camera is nice, well made and portable. The battery (so far) lasts about 3 hours, and the camera will allow you to shoot video while it is turned on. That functionality is a huge value many cameras only allow you to charge or shoot not both. The other interesting feature the Qoo Cam offers is a more comprehensive video editing suite than I’ve seen included previously with 360 cameras.

The studio makes the production of video much easier. Plus, allows you to edit out the things you don’t want to share. The microphone on the camera is one of the better microphones I’ve seen with a 360 camera. Other than Bubl (that has many more cameras and costs a whole lot more) it has the best microphone I’ve encountered. The other thing that is nice about the Qoo cam is the weight. It doesn’t weigh as much as Bubl and overall is easy to use in either stand still or mobile mode, the mobile mode would be while walking. I suspect the reality of moving rapidly (running or biking) would make this a less effective camera, but there are other cameras that work in that mode well.

Now 360 cameras are an exploding market today. I will tell you that the quality of the software (QOO cam’s Kandao studio is very good) is critical. You have to have someone that can pull the images together for presentation. Facebook, Oculus and a few others have views now for 360-degree video. Quidam has great software. The camera overall is easy to use. The thing, to warn you, however, is that 360-degree cameras do not normally have viewfinders. You have to use a tablet or phone as your viewfinder. That reduces the interaction with the camera, and you should plan for that up front. I usually use a tripod to have the camera stationary! Overall great device and I rate this a 9 out of 10!


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