Setting up your Home Theatre System with Projector Screen

In the event of buying the largest television screen, people often forget that a relatively cheaper option is to buy a projection system, in that way you can have a real theatre like experience right in your home. When it comes to the viewing experience, projectors offer a much better experience owing to their soft light than compared to TV and bigger screen sizes. All of this comes at a lower cost and easy maintenance.

With a projector you can have a screen size that is beyond 100”, sometimes even larger. After you are done setting it up, you can have a theatre experience right in your living room. Watching films and games with your family and friends will not be the same as watching TV, it will become an event. Here’s how to set up your own home theatre projection system.


The first thing to consider while setting up your home theatre system is the size. The size of the projector screen you can have is only limited by the size of your room. The first thing to do is take measurements of your room and calculate the size of the screen you want to have.


Once you have the size figured out, next comes the resolution. The two resolutions common in projectors are 720p and 1080p both of which are considered high definition. Most people can’t really tell the difference between the two picture qualities. Depending on your budget, you can choose the resolution you want. A higher resolution will cost you significantly more.


The next thing to figure is the level of brightness you want. If you have a room that has more ambient light and doesn’t go dark properly, you want something that has a power upwards of 2000 Lumen. If you are using this in a basement, you can have a projector with a lower power but you have to make sure you have room for more brightness in case you need it. Your brightness will also get affected by the projector screen you are using. Most people spend good on projectors but shy away from spending on projector screens which is very important as your projector screen is the thing you will be watching. You can buy Elite Screens UHD 4k screen for the best results. This will also help you with putting in-wall speakers behind the screen.

Sound system:

Once you have figured out the video, you can move to the audio. There are so many options present when it comes to sound. For a theatre like experience, the minimum setup is 5.1 surround sound. Depending on the budget and your requirements, you can choose anywhere between a 5.1 system to a 7.1 system to Dolby Atmos. Make sure you place all the speakers correctly and your sitting height. Usually, it is best to get a complete sound system and set it up according to your room acoustics for maximum impact.

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