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Why you should seriously consider Chinese brands.

We all have at least one technology gadgets or electronics at home or even carry with us (like the phone).

There are always many brands to choose from when we decide to get a replacement. Some are more known and reputable and some are just some unknown or newer brands. And most of the time, the unknown and newer brands would probably be a Chinese brand.

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I know most of us are skeptical about Chinese products due to their bad reputations. However we’ve also seen great products from them in the last few years (like XiaoMi or Mi, Huawei, 1More… etc)

Chinese brands aren’t all bad and not all Chinese manufacturers are money hungry selfish beings.

I’ve personally use many Chinese brands and I like how they work and they are A LOT cheaper.  I’ll list a few of them just to share with you. (and you can search online for more reviews by others)

1. 1More

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I’ve had a pair of earpiece from 1More. It cost a little under $25 and its quality is very close to Senheiser pair (which cost about $40-50) I had.

2. Remax

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I’ve many cables from Remax and they are all very durable and reliable. Their cables cost range from $1-7 compared to other brands that cost at least $2 for one.

3. Hagibis

I’ve a 6 ports usb charging hub from them that I’ve used for 2 years now and it’s still working very well. The charging speed is also pretty stable. The charging hub cost me about $20 and an Anker or Orico one would cost around $30.

4. 8bitdo

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8bitdo produce very attractive wireless gamepads that work very well with PC, Android and IOS. Their price aren’t really that cheap, cost about $40-45 but is still slightly cheaper than some brands out there.

5. XiaoMi or Mi

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I’ve a 4 year old power bank from them that I’m still using it now. XiaoMi is definitely one of the cheapest power bank I own. Costing about $10.

In my opinion, some Chinese brands delivers good and reliable products for a much cheaper price.


What do you think?

Written by alibb


  1. Indeed they do have some good quality products. My Gionee phone that I bought way back 2012 is still working. I am currently typing on a $90.00 10.1 inch tablet with quad core processor (Chinese made of course).
    But do you know that there are good US and European brands that actually have their factories in China?
    One in particular is Apple