Of Serafim and Dragon naturally speaking…

There are some things I consider important to me, as far as technology. In that process, I find that I often seek things that, fill what I perceive to be a need. Now, I do understand that what I believe to be critical and what is critical aren’t the same. I see things differently than other people. Not better by any consideration or measure, just differently. In seeing things differently, I consider, evaluate and build on what I think is important.

For example, one of the interesting tools I carry with me is a laser keyboard. I have had three of them (laser keyboards) over the years. The one I carry now is from the startup company Serafim. It allows you to have a keyboard so you can type longer emails on a cellular device or tablet. At the same time, if you launch their applications, you get a piano keyboard you can use as well. I like having a piano keyboard in the office without having to lug a much larger keyboard into my office.

I do understand that most people don’t consider laser keyboards critical. I didn’t for a long time myself. I do now, more because they are small portable keyboards. The Serafim product adding the ability to interact with the device as if it were a piano keyboard is also noteworthy.

Another technology I enjoy is Dragon Naturally Speaking. In particular, I use it frequently with my Jabra headset. The reason for Dragon is that sometimes I can talk faster than I type. I am a fast typist (I took typing in high school). But I am a much faster speaker. Dragon does well managing to capture a higher percentage of my speaking than I can typing without errors. (I can do 100 words a minute with errors, about 70 words per minute without errors). It is a software package I use heavily.

As I said, what is critical for me isn’t always critical for you. I share what I find important in technology.


What do you think?


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