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@Andre, that’s amazing. 300? Do you manage all of them every week? That’s quite a feat.

@Fifi, I’m also using the free version. There are companies that offer very cheap price to host, and for a domain. But, it’s better to start paying for a selfhosted blog when it’s getting good traffic and the earning is not bad. With a lot of promoting (which I’m not good at), learning about SEO and other blog related information, it’s possible to earn good money.

@Carol, maybe you should think of working on it again. Although I know a blog not receiving traffic can discouraged a blogger from pushing on.

@Hannihar, Karen and Rainshadow, it’s good to know you and the others have a blog. That’s an encouragement. Free blogs do earn but not an impressive amount, and gaining traffic it’s difficult unless you invite people to read your blog. And, it does need one to put a lot of effort and consume a lot of time on a blog. 

@Doc, thanks. My blog is writing-related. It contains lists of free writing contests, photography and video contests. 



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