Qualcomm announced 5G and AI processor next year

The whole world is desperately waiting for three changes in the smartphone next year, The first, the 5G, 2nd artificial intelligent and two-lens camera,However, for first two changes, there was the need for the appropriate hardware, for this a famous processor company for smartphones, has announced, that next year company will offer a 5G support chip for sale.

According to the Qualcomm in Snap Dragon 855 processor, there will be complete accessories of 5G and artificial intelligence. After this important announcement, it is now expected that the 5G will be used by the end of next year. However, it will depend on itself on cell phone companies whether they are ready for it or not.

Every year, Qualcomm announces its mobile phone processor, which keeps Android phones for the next 12 years, that’s why Qualcomm never defeated. The next year, the Snap Dragon 855 System On A Chip will be (SOC) that supports 5G.

According to analysts, the 5G technology will have a revolution in data transfer in smartphone communication. Which will increase the speed of data and revolutionary change in download and upload will increase. This includes a brand new engine for AI. This processor will be three times high speed from its first snap dragon 845 and very few people know that the preparation process for seven nano meters has been used to make it.

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