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Protecting Your Work

As many of you, I’ve been on a number of publishing sites, and will be probably be on many more.

I’ve learned a number of lessons.


Always do the work on your computer so you have a copy. 


If it is published  resave it with a ‘clue’ so that you know where you put it.  When that site goes down,  or doesn’t pay, or a new site comes along, you republish it and add another clue.


Be alert that some sites have/don’t have ‘plagiarism’ checkers.   Often, when you republish all you have to do is change names/places and/or rearrange sentences. 

In some cases you edit down to the minimum on other sites you have to add paragraphs.  

For Example;

Suppose you wrote the story of Goldilocks.   Change her to Blondie, change the 3 Bears to 4 Zebras and and the porridge to baked beans.

You’re good.


There is or will be another site on the horizon.   Prepare


What do you think?


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