Of questions and answers….

One of the things that people often ask me, either after I give a talk, during various classes I teach, or on the various blogs I publish, what tomorrow will bring. In part, because I often talk about the art of tomorrow, merged with the art of the possible (today).

In that conversation, question or request there is an operating framework. There are those who wish to know because they are curious. There are those who wish to know because they are afraid. There are those who wish to know the basis of beginning an argument. Finally, there are those who read because they know me, know what I do, and are curious as to what I am thinking.

Where you fit, of course, modifies the reality of the question you are asking and how you ask that question. Not that I often get rude questions, but on occasion, I do end up on the wrong end of personal attacks. My rule has always been doing not attack the person but instead, focus on the ideas. There are not wrong ideas, simply bad timing for the idea to be presented.

In the path of technology, there are many interesting considerations. One of the things that bother me and concerns me is the reality of expert cultures. I’ve seen them grow before, and while experts are important. They are not the only answer. You still need to make sure you have someone that can see more than just the way things are with one specific solution.

We used to say if everything was a nail only have a hammer wouldn’t be a bad thing. For the most part, however, there are fewer nails than we realize, which renders your hammer useless. Screws can be pounded with a hammer, but they don’t hold as well pounded as they do screw into the (insert name of objects being connected here).

The easy answer to the question then feels free to attack my positions and my ideas. I am not adverse to arguing and defending my ideas. I blog because it makes me happy. I share because I want to, if you don’t like what I am saying or have a better idea please feel free to share that!


What do you think?

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