New features of Android Oreo

Android 8.0 Oreo is the latest version of the Google platform, which was launched in August. The software is now available on Google’s Pixus and Nexus devices but has quickly joined other manufacturers such as Samsung, LG Sony, HTC, and Motorola. Android 8.0 Orea is a developed version of Android that has many features, it is considered stable and functional. Android O has many features like this:

Battery duration

One of the improvised features of Android O is the improved battery life of the phone. This allows multiple applications to run in the background even when applications are running. This improves the life of the battery.

Notification channel

There is no developer verification at the notification level; Android O gives you full control over the notifications panel. When updating Android O, the application will be equipped with several notification channels. Each channel can be customized to notify you in a different way and can be configured as you wish.

Smart text selection

Android O allows a much smarter text selection that will help the operating system discover what you want to copy. It gives you the ability to touch the selected text, and if there is an address, which directly leads to finding addresses, and if there is a phone number, the number is dialed directly.

Improvisation in WIFI

Android O automatically detects that the phone must be connected to Wi-Fi. After entering your home, you connect to the Wi-Fi Internet and turn it off automatically when you do not need it.


Android also has a photo-in- photo feature, which allows you to perform multiple tasks in different windows on the screen.

Automatic termination of the password

The memory of many passwords bothers us a lot. Android O allows you to complete forms with all the information stored in your Google account.

Notification points

If a notification is waiting in one of the applications, a small dot appears in the application. Android OR has the option to turn off the notification badge when you touch and hold the home screen, then go to the settings where you can turn off all notification options.

Improvised memory management

Android O allows you to get rid of the difficulty of the storage problem. If you make the necessary changes to the file option, you can free up space by deleting some of the content in the Downloads folder and uninstalling applications that you do not need.


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