New feature of ‘Do not Disturb’ on Facebook and Instagram

California: Facebook and Instagram both are offering options of ‘Do not Disturb’ very soon. Due to this option apps can be set for 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, eight hours, one day and automatically customized the posted posts. Then you can either opt out or opt in this option.

Both of these features have been viewed on some accounts. Apart from this, voice and  options for notifications will also be turned on and off. According to a report, it is on testing phase on Facebook and Instagram and  the second goal is to prevent people from expiring or closing the Facebook and Instagram account.

Before that, Instagram  has also offered an option called ‘URL  Coat-up. Which prevents you from already getting scrolling on already viewed posts.’ This installation of this on Instagram also keeps track of your time spent on the app, which can also be found for one day or a week.

Kevin Sistrom, CEO, Instagram, said on this feature, the purpose of ‘URL Allotype’ feature is to inform people about the time spent on apps. ‘We believe that such online companies should make a fair decision because we want to solve it.

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