NetKing Lost His Brain – Part VI

NetKing was forgotten.

Those who’d known him most of his life, had blocked him.Those who didn’t, skipped his contributions.

Worf noticed the kind of people who responded to his (actual his wife, Gert’s) views. They were the kind NetKing wouldn’t have known existed. The kind who would have treated as the nerd he was and is, with brutality.

Worf tended to believe that Gert, afraid of ‘losing’ NetKing had begun this campaign to prevent him from having friends so that she was the only person in his life.

As an unpleasant opinionated sort, Gert didn’t have any friends. She might talk to those of us of HackaStan, to to our spouses, but we knew it was just show.

Gert was an empty sock.

It became one of those ‘dialectics’ where NetKing was the centrepiece of discussions of spousal abuse.

Worf knew he saw the posts, for he made his own remarks.

Worf advised him;

“NetKing, everyone has blocked you, no one can read your posts.  I’m the only one who hasn’t blocked you, so you’ll know that the days of Hackastan are over.”

What do you think?

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