My List of Top 5 Tweets for Week of November 24, 2019

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This week’s focus is tweets that have popular hashtags or words or Twitter handles that begin with the letter “Z”. 

This completes my Top Tweets series. Hope you enjoyed them.

#1 ♦ Zeugma, Turkey

Zeugma is an ancient city, with a rich cultural heritage.  Archaeologists have discovered 2000 incredibly well-preserved mosaics.  The Zeugma Mosaic Museum opened in 2011 and is the biggest mosaic museum in the world.

Additional References:

Zeugma After the Flood - Archaeology Magazine

2,000-Year-Old Mosaics Uncovered In Turkey Before Being Lost To Flooding | Bored Panda

#2 ♦ Zeus is not the only Greek god whose name started with the letter Z

#3 ♦ Zestar is an apple variety

Since Z is the last letter of the alphabet and A is the first letter … most American children are taught that “A” is for “apple”.  So I found an apple variety that begins with the letter Z.  Zestar Apple.

#4 ♦ Zenobia was a Queen

Queen Zenobia was determined not to submit to the emperor of Rome without a fight.  Emperor Aurelian waged war with her as a formidable opponent who needed to be crushed. It did not matter that she was a woman. 

#5 ♦ Zilker Park Trail of Lights

Zilker Park Trail of Lights is an annual holiday tradition in Austin, Texas. 


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