Multilingual Customer Service- A Key to Retain Customers for Longer

Nowadays, customer service is not limited to a region or geographical boundaries. So, one language is not enough, it has to be multilingual. To offer advanced customer service, the call centre executives must be capable to communicate effectively with the customers even if the guy on the other end don’t speak English.

Based on the products or services you offer and the country or regions you serve, the multilingual customer service requirements and capabilities differ for your organization. Multilingual Customer Service incorporates several facts and these statistics helps your business serve the global base efficiently and effectively.

Increases Customer Loyalty:

Delivering customer services in customer’s native language improves the customer retention ratio. Majority of customers are more likely to invest in the product if the company offers post-sales support services in their local language. The customers understand the call centre executives in a better way if they speak in their native language and hence the queries are resolved more efficiently.

Multilingual call centre customer services enhance customer’s loyalty towards the brand. Providing tech support services in multiple languages improves customer satisfaction rate. Moreover, there is no scope of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of information.

Bridges Communication Gap:

It’s a well-known fact that customers trust people who speak in their own language as it boosts up a sense of trust and confidence. Learning the language of the people you do business with is one of the proven ways to thrive in the industry. This paves the way to understand the insight of business as you can communicate with the customers and discuss their concerns.

The callers usually trust the support staff more when they communicate in their own language. They think that they are getting the right and accurate information about the product when they communicate in their native language. Hence, multilingual support services are considered an effective tool in leveraging care and establishing a good trust among customers.

Growing Dependency on Multilingual Customer Service:

The level and type of multilingual customer support the organization delivers depends solely on the particular needs and requirements of the business. Sometimes, the volume of business and the access to resources decides the availability of multilingual support parameters.

The alternate way to multilingual customer services is the localization of websites. But to do this, you have to hire professional services as a single translation mistake can lead to misinterpretation of information. If the support page is poorly translated, the message remains unclear and the customers will face difficulty in understanding the product.

If this ever happens, the customers will ultimately return to the customer support executive to discuss their concerns and queries. You will end up spending a lot of money on the translation cost. However, proper planning and implementation could lead to a more informed and organized decision.

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Whatever your business may be, the best way to provide excellent customer service is via establishing multilingual support centre. It may require setting up good infrastructure with advanced technology and multifunctional devices. You can select to hire professional staff to offer multilingual support services.


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Written by Anuj Bhatia