More thoughts on Keecker (multi-media) and some upcoming reviews…

The image shared comes from Keecker’s front camera. Remotely controlled vehicles or ROV’s are devices that have a controller, and either wireless connected or tethered remote vehicle. The camera allows the operator to see where the device is. Keecker is a multi-media robot that also operates as a remote land-based ROV.  Unlike the Brookstone ROV I have used for a long time, I wouldn’t however, put Keecker outdoors. Keecker is more of an indoor robotic friend. My favorite use so far has been as a youtube player. Keecker has a full Android operating system on board so you can do virtually anything on Keecker that you can do on an android phone or tablet.

I’ve managed to map two rooms (craft room and hallway/entryway) so far. I suspect I could be faster if I walked along with Keecker instead of focusing on other tasks as I am doing the mapping. The other thing I suspect would be a value-add self-activated mapping. That would be Keecker wandering around on its own and finding different things without human intervention. The iRobot devices do that. I am gathering information for a full review of both Keecker and Pilot. Both are extremely interesting applications of technologies that have value. Keecker offers you both home entertainment but also flexible video surveillance. You can move Keecker to any room remotely.

The pilot is the audio translation software and earbuds that work with your phone. As they improve the software more and more, languages are being added.

Overall it takes me awhile to do a full review. I have to have a chance both to use the device but also to do some stress testing of the overall solution. I am also working on a review of the 3d printer snapmaker. It is something I need to spend a little more time than I have right now to finish up. Technology moves at a faster pace sometimes than human beings do. Or maybe I am just slowing down as I get older. I used to do unpacking videos when I got things (I don’t anymore). Now I unbox the item and when I have time play with it.

I guess all things change over time.


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