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I talked earlier in the week about the bloggers that influence the readers of your blog. That is a two-fold process of them both bringing other readers to read your post but also when they do they also impact your blog other ways. Other things can be done to create, generate and expand influence. One of those things is SEO which I mentioned before. The other is to use social media to impact your blog hit rate. Social media is always an interesting problem as for the most part it is an ocean, that averages 2 inches in depth in most cases. It is also a place where you don’t have to have valid sources for your information. It makes the information read dicey at best.

But there are some pretty good places you can go and share your material, and people will come and read it. There are several facebook groups you can join that are great for sharing your content. There are also twitter groups that work well. Some of the Twitter groups are more ad-hoc than the facebook groups are. Facebook groups can be a great way to share your work. But, it isn’t always a great place.

There are great people on the many different sites, who will argue, agree and delight you with wonderful and interesting comments and content!

My favorite writers wander the various Facebook groups. I find more value in reading some of those bloggers than in more in-depth discussions of great authors. Being able to connect with other writers on more than simply the creative level is a great value!

The last form of influence is the people you read, who inspire passion in your writing. There is an edge of course to that; sometimes they drive you crazy. As a person we have to have rules, but for how we treat people but also what we are willing to accept from others. That said, the many people that you can meet and who may influence you are truly wonderful!


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