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More Cyber Tips – Protection – 2

You are the greatest danger to the security of your computer.  You are the one that clicks on various sites without the slightest knowledge of where or what they are.

You are the one who doesn’t have a malware detector, either because it has expired or is obsolete.

You are the one who shares your life on social networks.

Right now anyone, not a first class hacker or scammer, can find your Facebook Page.   Can find your friends.  Can create a User who you think is a 34 year old woman but is actually a 65 year old man.

And you walk right into the scam.

You have 4,000 ‘friends’ on Facebook.   How many have you had coffee with?   How do you know they are who they seem?

Yup, you are the one who clicks on shady sites.  You are the one who gets caught in scams.  

You are the danger to the security of your computer.


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